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  1. Natural History Museum Will Not Host Gala for Brazil’s President

    The museum said that it was “deeply concerned” about renting the space for an event to honor someone whose environmental policies had been widely criticized.

  2. Bolsanaro’s Popularity Sinks After a Rocky 100 Days in Brazil

    Infighting and self-generated crises have made the first months of Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency turbulent, although he has fulfilled some campaign vows.

  3. Can the Holocaust Be Forgiven? Bolsonaro Says Yes, Drawing Israelis’ Ire

    “We can forgive, but we cannot forget,” the Brazilian president told evangelical pastors in Rio de Janeiro. Israel said he was in no position to offer such forgiveness.

  4. Gala Honoree Causes Concern at American Museum of Natural History

    The museum said it was “deeply concerned” that the event it is hosting will honor Brazil’s president, whose environmental policies have drawn criticism.

  5. Was Money to Help Women in Brazil’s Politics Funneled to Men?

    Brazil’s new president promised to clean up politics. Now top leaders in his party are being investigated in connection with a corrupt scheme that undermined female candidates.

  6. ‘It’s Complete Chaos’: Storm Frees Gators in Rio Favela Where Officials Won’t Go

    A storm knocked down the walls of a farm that bred caimans, cousins of alligators, in an area controlled by a criminal paramilitary group.

  7. The Rise of the Milícia State

    Just how deep do the connections between Brazil’s paramilitary “death squads” and the government run?

  8. Fiery Deaths of 10 Boys Exposes Brutality of Brazil’s Soccer Mills

    Young players with dreams of glory think elite training programs lead to riches. They do. Just rarely for them.

  9. Who’s the Daddy? Neither Twin Would Say. But They Both Will Pay.

    With DNA tests of no use, a Brazilian judge ordered two twin brothers to pay child support for a 9-year-old girl.

  10. In Lisbon, a Carpet of Stone Beneath Their Feet

    A city school teaches students how to create the patterned pavements seen throughout the capital (and in former colonies around the world).