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  1. White Powder, Red Faces: Cocaine Cargo Aboard Brazil Presidential Plane

    Authorities in Spain detained an airman supporting a Brazilian presidential trip after finding 37 bundles of cocaine in his bag.

  2. France Survives, Sending Marta and Brazil to the Exit

    Amandine Henry’s goal in extra time saved the hosts, and kept alive the chances for a quarterfinal showdown against the U.S.

  3. A ‘Sorceress’ in Brazil, a ‘Wink’ in India: Walmart Pleads Guilty After a Decade of Bribes

    A settlement ends an inquiry into the retailer’s dealings with government officials around the globe, which came after a New York Times report in 2012.

  4. Roberto Burle Marx and His Leafy Vision of the Tropics

    The New York Botanical Garden has opened its largest ever show, devoted to the Brazilian landscape architect.

  5. Review: ‘Edge of Democracy’ Looks at Brazil With Outrage and Heartbreak

    Petra Costa’s documentary chronicles the impeachment of one president, the imprisonment of another and the triumph of authoritarian politics.

  6. ‘Massive Failure’ in Power Grid Causes Blackout in Argentina and Uruguay

    The blackout, whose cause was unclear, may have affected a population greater than California’s in an area four times the size of Texas.

  7. In Brazil, a New Rendering of a Literary Giant Makes Waves

    Machado de Assis Real, developed by a Brazilian university and an ad agency, shows the 19th-century writer in color, challenging some long-held ideas about him in the process.

  8. The Fish Egg That Traveled Through a Swan’s Gut, Then Hatched

    These fish turn up in many surprising locations, but this was one place scientists didn’t expect to find them.

  9. Formiga Isn’t Going Anywhere

    The midfielder is playing in her seventh World Cup, both because she is good enough and because in two decades Brazil hasn’t developed a player worthy of replacing her.

  10. Who Needs the Humanities When You Have Jair Bolsonaro?

    Brazil’s education system is being strangled by a president who doesn’t believe in learning.