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  1. Leftist Lion and Far-Right Provocateur Vie for Brazil Presidency

    As a wild, bitter contest to lead Brazil gets underway, the two front-runners are political opposites, one facing prison time and the other with a long history of incendiary remarks.

  2. A Perfect Marriage: Evangelicals and Conservatives in Latin America

    Christians are seducing poor voters and conservative parties. Is that good for democracy and minority rights?

  3. The Strange Origin of a Manakin’s Golden Crown

    Biologists are unlocking how three neighboring birds became distinct species, with a golden-crowned hybrid emerging from two species with different head colorings.

  4. Didi Chuxing, China’s Ride-Hailing Giant, Agrees to Buy Uber Rival in Brazil

    Didi will acquire the rest of 99, a Brazilian ride-hailing start-up that it had invested in, in an all-cash deal worth around $600 million.

  5. Petrobras of Brazil to Pay $2.95 Billion Over Corruption Scandal

    Brazil’s state-controlled oil company said that the agreement would settle a shareholder lawsuit in the United States.

  6. Brazil Prison Riot Leaves 9 Dead

    More than a dozen people were injured in the uprising, and dozens of inmates escaped.

  7. What Love and Sadness Look Like in 5 Countries, According to Their Top GIFs

    Sometimes words aren’t enough. Sometimes you need pictures. And sometimes those pictures are from another culture.

  8. Brazil President’s Christmas Decree Draws a Firestorm, and a Rebuff

    A Supreme Court justice blocked key provisions of a decree that critics said might one day spare President Michel Temer and allies from years in prison.

  9. I Want to Be an Angry Mother

    I plan to follow in a proud Latin American tradition of tenacious moms fighting an oppressive state.

  10. Tired of Regional Critics, Venezuela Looks to Russia and China

    Once a regional heavyweight, Venezuela is losing allies in its region, causing it to deepen its dependence on China and Russia.