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  1. In Rio de Janeiro, ‘Complete Vulnerability’ as Violence Surges

    After a respite that began before the Olympics, Brazil’s showcase city is reeling as ever more neighborhoods fall under the control of drug gangs.

  2. Creator of Brazil’s Outdoor Museum Inhotim Sentenced to Prison

    Bernardo Paz, the founder of the Inhotim Institute, was convicted of money laundering.

  3. ‘It’s a Black Thing’: Offensive Quip Becomes a Rallying Cry in Brazil

    A television anchorman was suspended after a leaked video in which he made a denigrating remark about Afro-Brazilians.

  4. Brazilian Women Can Learn to Yell

    We are raised to be delicate and deferential. I’m working on putting up my fists.

  5. Brazil Becomes Uber’s Latest Regulatory Battleground

    Brazilian lawmakers are considering a bill that the ride hailing company says would make its model inviable in its second-largest market.

  6. Brazil Draws Broad Interest in Offshore Oil Drilling Rights

    Royal Dutch Shell and Statoil of Norway were leaders in the country’s second auction in recent weeks to explore untapped deepwater reserves.

  7. President Temer of Brazil Dodges Corruption Prosecution, Again

    Before the vote on whether he should stand trial, the president made major policy concessions and pledged money for legislators’ districts.

  8. Brazilian Police Kill a Spanish Tourist in Rio de Janeiro

    Police officers shot at the car the tourist was riding in after it failed to stop at a police roadblock, the authorities said.

  9. Maduro Becomes Latest Leader Accused in Huge Bribery Scheme

    A video leaked by Venezuela’s former attorney general shows an executive of the construction giant Odebrecht saying that he paid $35 million in bribes.

  10. Giving Capitalism a Social Conscience

    A Nobel Peace Prize laureate discusses his strategy for reducing the global dangers of extreme wealth concentration.